One of the ket features of Seatrobot is that it puts your organization front and center when managing your events, meetings and communications. With Seatrobot, your events belong to you - and all your partners, contacts and guests can see that. Seatrobot is your secure, hard-working engine in the background.

We're excited to announce new admin tools for Organization Admins that extend this control event further.

Your Branding

Now, when setting up your Seatrobot account, you can customize all the front-facing elements - from the look and feel of your communications with logos and colors, to the domain name, emails and vanity names your communications are sent from.

The admin setup process is described in full here and the control you have over email header content is here.

Making Your Email Templates Your Own

Seatrobot's powerful communications workflows handle all the email and communications sending on your behalf for every stage of an event or meeting, from initial invites and confirmations, to waitlist messaging, custom announcements, reminders - even invite emails between guests of guests! To make that process simple, your Seatrobot account comes pre-loaded with a full set of email templates - built from our experience in thousands of events and great for most situations.

Many of these can be edited by your team on an event-by-event basis. But sometimes, you may want the look, feel and language of your default email template set to match your corporate brand.

  • Perhaps you require company disclaimers at the foot of every email?
  • Maybe you have internal guidelines about language, forms of greeting, or specific ways you address your partners and contacts?
  • Perhaps you want to make sure the tone of your event and meeting emails matches all your other communications?

Seatrobot's new admin features now include the ability to customize your entire email template set at your organization level - affecting the default emails that populate every event your team creates. See full details here.

New "Guest User" Feature

In addition to the existing 'Admin' and 'Team Member' roles, we have added a new 'Guest User' option for your user list. Guest Users can be added to your user list, and then invited to access specific individual events by the Event Manager.

When Guest Users log in, they see only the events they have been specifically invited to see, and have no access to your Admin area or Contact Management or any other events. This is a perfect method of allowing event partners, sponsors, co-organizers or contractors to assist you in managing specific events, while keeping internal events and your company information private. See details here.