You can manage the email (inc. domain), vanity name and reply-to email for your organization and your individual events.

When you send any email the header contains four pieces of information that are mandatory for a successful send:

'From Email': this is the actual email address that is recorded as the originator of the email. Your recipients' email programs read this address to see if they recognize the sender, whether you have sent an email before, whether you are in the recipients' contact list etc. Email sending services and security programs use this email to determine whether or not you are a 'safe' sender, whether you have a history of sending spam etc.

When you set up your account with Seatrobot you are asked to choose a default 'From Email' address which is verified by our email sender service (AWS). This allows you to have your organization's domain (e.g. as the originator of your emails. This helps cut down on your email bounce count and allows companies you have been doing business with to recognize emails sent by you through Seatrobot.

Once you have set up your default 'From Email', you can use your Settings page to verify additional email addresses and select those as your default instead.

Vanity Name: this is the 'name' that is associated with your 'From Email'. For example, if our default email is, our vanity name for the email might be 'Seatrobot'. In your personal email account, your name (e.g. John Smith) would be the vanity name, and your 'From Email' might be

You can assign any vanity name to your default 'From Email', and this will be applied automatically to emails sent from all events. You can also change the vanity name displayed with your default 'From Email' on an event-by-event basis during Event Setup.

Reply-To Email: this is the email that will be in the to: field when one of your recipients hits 'reply' to an email you have sent them. By default, Seatrobot assigns the email address of the individual Event Manager as the Reply-To email for each event.

Signed-by: this is the organization ultimately responsible for the email send. For all emails sent via Seatrobot, regardless of the other options you set, the 'signed-by' field will be