The Guest List page has become an even more powerful tool for managing and tracking your guests, registrations and invitees. We recently brought some functionality from other areas of the platform into the Guest List page where it is more likely to be used (e.g. re-sending invites / confirmations to individual guests).

We also streamlined the efficiency of some functions like editing a guest's personal info or RSVP'ing on behalf of a guest that used to require accessing a guest's registration page - bringing them directly into the Guest List page. And we also added some new functionality, like adding a CC for a guest, and increasing the number of seats in an individual reservation.

Here's a list of what's changed:

  1. All contacts in your Guest List are now individually selectable - and you can select all guests on a page at once from the column header
  2. You can add one or more additional 'seats' to a guest's existing registration. You can then either update their details yourself, or your guests can themselves from their personal reservation page
  3. New Notes field for every guest
  4. New click on First Name to edit guest details
  5. New 'Re-send latest email' function. Click guest First Name and select.
  6. New 'Add CC' function. Click on guest First Name to add.
  7. Accept / Decline an Invite on behalf of a guest with a button click (Acceting auto-sends confirmation email)
  8. Create new Contact Lists / ADd to Contact Lists from individually selected guests, not just current page view

To see a video on using the Guest List click here.

To read the Guest List FAQ, click here.