Since we completely re-engineered the Seatrobot event registration pages and introduced the instant Events Website for every Seatrobot user org, we've had a ton of positive feedback. It seems people particularly like the cleaner design, extra guest features and the ability to have such control over corporate branding and colors. (If you haven't already, check out this Knowledge Base article on setting your brand colors and where they show up).

But there's another really powerful feature of these new registration pages that you might have overlooked: that your event 'registration page' links still work - even if they have no Packages available on them. In other words, your register pages still exist, with all event content, even if you haven't allowed people actually to register or buy a ticket on them!

This is pretty unique. But why would you want an event page that no-one can register at?  Because it makes Seatrobot 'register' pages like stand-alone, mini-websites for your event.

For events you will only be inviting people to via emails, and not allowing online registrations or ticket purchases, you can still direct them to your event 'web page' for complete information on the event.

Even for events you will allow people to register or buy tickets for, you can now direct people to the event register page before you make tickets or registration available; think of the page as a teaser - or a website promoting the event counting down to when tickets are available. Maybe you don't know yet exactly what ticket packages will be available - or what you want to give to sponsors - but you still want to tell people about the event. Just use all the page building features in your event to create a great event web page - and when you're ready, turn on the Packages. People can use the same link the whole process.

But perhaps the most useful application is for after your event (when your event appears in your 'Archived Events' area in Dashboard). One the event is done, you don't want to sell tickets or get any more registrations. But you often may wish to add post-event content: a video of the webinar, links to surveys and follow-up information, photos from the event itself; all of which people can share on social media. Plus, of course, all the still-active linked events that you want people to register for are there on the page.

From Dashboard you can open up and  change the event image and web page content for archived events. And all Packages disappear by default - replaced by your event's cut-off message, which you can also edit.

And remember, archived events can also still be toggled on and off your Events Website and will appear under 'Past Events'. So, for your next event, don't restrict your register page to just selling tickets or getting registrations - it's a whole lot more!