Q1 this year we completely overhauled the Seatrobot Filters functionality.

What are Filters used for in your events? Filters are like tags you can apply to your events to assign qualities or groupings to them. You create groups or types of filters ('Filter Groups') and then add different filters to those groups which you can assign to your individual events.

Once assigned, those event filters determine how your events are displayed internally on your Dashboard and externally on your organization’s Events Website.

So, you can create internal event Filters to categorize and group the events in ways that your organization finds useful (like grouping events by the individuals who created / manage them, for example, or to make them belong to different projects or departments in your organization).

Or you can assign Filters to events which visitors to your Events Website can use to find the kinds of events they might be interested in, in addition to the default filters on that page, like 'Free', 'Online' and 'Paid'.

For details on Filters and how to sue them, see the Filters documentation in the Seatrobot Knowledge Base