How does Seatrobot subscription pricing work?

Seatrobot access is by subscription. There are three subscription levels, each offering a differing feature set. The price of each subscription tier is set based on your choice of month by month payments (pay as you go), or a single up-front annual payment. The subscription tiers are:

Subscription LevelAnnual PriceMonthly Price
Basic $199 per month ($2,388 payment) $249 per month
Silver $499 per month (5,988 payment) $549 per month
Gold $899 per month (10,788 payment) $999 per month

In addition to the feature limits set per subscription tier, users may also purchase add-ons to their tier, as below:

Add-On Price Interval
Additional user $99 per month Ongoing monthly
Additional 5,000 contacts storage $99 per month Ongoing monthly
30-minute video training session $75 One-time payment

What is 'Single Instance Use'?

Each subscription tier in this price guide is based on a 'single instance' use of the Seatrobot platform. One instance is defined as one account servicing a single-location organization, or one business unit or a single business location within a larger organization creating and managing events for that unit / location. Organizations may purchase multiple instances as required. Organizations may not use one single instance account to create and manage events for multiple business units or multiple business locations.

Custom integrations with a customer's existing business infrastructure and / or enterprise pricing for multiple instances within the same organization are available on request.

For a full table of feature comparisons by subscription tier click here.

How much are ticket fees?

Seatrobot charges fees on each ticket package sold through your registration pages. A ticket package can admit more than one individual per ticket. Ticket packages containing one individual ticket are covered by the Single Seat Ticket Maximum. Ticket packages containing multiple individuals are charged the base fee on each ticket included in the package, up to the Multiple Seat Package Maximum for the purchase.

Ticketing ModuleFee (per transaction)*
Ticketing Module Activation No charge
Each ticket purchase $0.99 + 2.5% of ticket price
Single seat ticket max $24.95
Multiple seat package max $89.95
*fees are in addition to credit card processing fees charged either by our provider (Stripe) or client's integrated supplier

How does Ticket Fee Reimbursement work?

If you use Seatrobot to sell tickets to your events, Seatrobot will calculate the fees generated by those sales on a monthly basis and credit those fees towards your next month's subscription fees, up to and including a maximum credit equal to the effective subscription fee you will pay for the month. The aggregation of ticket fees for this purpose starts and ends each calendar month. There are no rollovers.

Example 1

You are on the Basic Plan, paying $249 monthly, and in June you sell 100 tickets to an event @ $25. Seatrobot ticket fees on each ticket sold would be $1.61 ($99c + 2.5% of $25 = $1.61). The total Seatrobot ticket fees charged would be $1.61 x 100 = $161, which would all be reimbursed to you to offset your July subscription payment , making your effective subscription fee for July $88.

If the same event sold 125 tickets in total, 100 in June and 25 in July, at the beginning of August you would further receive a ticket fee reimbursement of 25 x $1.61 = $40.25, making your effective subscription fee for August $208.75.

Example 2

You are on the Basic Plan, paying $2,388 annually (effective monthly rate of $199), and in June you sell 300 tickets to an event @ $18. Seatrobot ticket fees on each ticket sold would be $1.44 ($99c + 2.5% of $18 = $1.44). The total Seatrobot ticket fees charged would be $1.44 x 300 = $432. You would receive a reimbursement of your full effective subscription fee for the upcoming month of $199 at the beginning of July, making your effective subscription fee for July $0.

Note: Ticket Fee Reimbursement will only be applied as a credit against the next month's subscription fees. Ticket Fee Reimbursement does not constitute a separate cash value and cannot be claimed as a cash payment. If you cancel your subscription, effective the end of any month, any ticket fees collected by Seatrobot during your last subscription month are retained by Seatrobot and cannot be credited against the next month's subscription.

What does API connection with Seatrobot cost?

Additional ServicesMonthly Cost
Seatrobot API Access $450
Fixed API calls per 24-hour period 50,000 Included
Fixed API calls per month 1,500,000 Included
Overage API price $0.02 per call

What level of Technical Support is included in each subscription?

Service & SupportDetails
Service Level 3 Included in Basic Subscription
Service hours 10am - 6pm PST
Support ticket response time within 24 hours
Bookable training / assistance sessions (30 minutes) 1 free per calendar month, max 3 in any 12 month period
Service & SupportDetails
Service Level 2 Included in Silver & Gold Subscriptions
Service hours 10am - 6pm PST
Support ticket response time same business day
Bookable training / assistance sessions (30 minutes) 2 free per calendar month, max 6 in any 12-month period
Service & SupportDetails
Service Level 1 Included in Enterprise plans
Service hours 8am - 8pm PST
Support ticket response time Dedicated support assistant - within 2 hours
Bookable training / assistance sessions (30 minutes) 4 free per calendar month, max 8 in any 12-month period

Detailed Feature Comparison Table

Compare plan features
Feature Basic - $199 per month (paid annually), $249 per month (paid monthly). Silver - $499 per month (paid annually), $549 per month (paid monthly). Gold - $899 per month (paid annually), $999 per month (paid monthly).
Events Dashboard:
Unlimited events
Clone events
Recurrent events
Edit recurrent events
Event 'Safe-delete'
Archive events
Edit archived events description
Filter events
Event Creation:
Edit name & dates
Multi-day events
Set / edit max attendance
Set / change event manager
Manage online events
Include graphics / multi-media
Link outside web pages
Set promotional image
Customize emails per-event
Assign custom filters
Instant events website
Paid events (tickets)
Free events (one-step registration)
Toggle events on/off website
Set website 'feature' events
Link events
Customize registration pages
Video / rich content on registration pages
Archived events on website
Sort website events using Filters
Social & email sharing
Calendar support
Tickets / Packages:
Unlimited ticket types
Multiple ticket types per event
Automatic event max capacity control
Set ticket / package-specific max capacity
Hide ticket fees from purchaser
Invite-only packages
Sponsor packages
Link packages to room layout / seating
Link ticket types to sponsor levels
Allow multiple guests per ticket
Toggle ticket packages on / off registration pages
Free email sending Max 3,000 per month Max 10,000 per month Max 25,000 per month
One-click registration from emails
Invite contact lists
Auto invite email de-duping
Auto confirmations
Personalized registration management page per guest
Schedule emails in advance
Customize all emails per event
Email guests by status (confirmed / outstanding / waitlisted)
Change 'email from' name per event
Email tracking and bounce management
CAN-SPAN Act compliant
@yourdomain email sending $15 per month $15 per month
Contact email history tracking
Guest / Registration Management
Real-time guest list
Unlimited guest tags
Multiple guest list views / filters
Maintain guest links automatically
Event manager can link guests
Automatic waitlisting
RSVP on behalf of guests
Edit guest details
Create contact lists from guest list views
Online / mobile check-in
Sell tickets / register guests at check-in
Swap seated guests at check-in
One-click badging
Custom badging
Create / print badges at check-in
Contacts Database
Add contacts individually or by batch upload
Add contacts from event registrations
Create unlimited mailing lists
Track contact event histories
Subscribe / unsubscribe management
Bounce tracking & management
Contacts reporting and export
Contact cc management
Track contact engagement scores
3rd Party / Sponsor Tools
Build sponsor packages with custom benefits
Sponsor revenue tracking
Individual branded registration page per sponsor
Customized guest management center per sponsor
Allocate seats / tables by sponsor level
Assigned Seating
Create custom room layouts
Specify tables or individual seats
Auto-seating function by priority level
Seat guests manually: swap table and guest positions
Manage table / seat numbers
Add guest seat numbers to badges
Users / Permissions
Admin User(s) 1 Up to 3 Up to 5
Team members (no admin)
Guest users (invited event access only)
Customize events / registration page colors
Customize default email style
Customize default email templates at Admin Level
Data encryption
2-Factor Authentication

What kinds of payment does Seatrobot accept for subscriptions?

Seatrobot accepts all major credit cards for payment of recurring subscriptions. Seatrobot uses Stripe ( as its secure payment processor. Seatrobot staff do not have access to any of its users' credit card details or other payment information.

You can also subscribe using direct debit (ACH) transfers from your bank account. Seatrobot uses Plaid ( as its ACH security provider.

Subscriptions are paid in advance of the subscription period, either on a monthly or annual basis.

How do I manage my subscriptions and payments?

Your subscription portal is accessible both from the 'Manage Your Subscription' link on the Seatrobot homepage at and from inside your account in the main Admin page, accessed via the 'Cogs' icon in the top navbar.

Using this portal you can edit your subscription, purchase add-ons such as additional users and more contacts storage, access invoices and past receipts, and change / update your preferred payment method.

What happens if my subscription payment doesn't go through?

Seatrobot will make three attempts in total to charge the payment method you have on file over a 9-day period and we will email the primary billing email on file for your account prior to and after each attempt.

If after all attempts your payment still does not go through, your account will be frozen and you will not be able to log in to access your events or contacts. You will still be able to log into your payment portal from the 'Manage Your Subscription' link on the Seatrobot homepage at Here, you can update / change your payment method, after which Seatrobot will make another attempt to charge your subscription. A successful charge will re-open your account and reactivate your subscription from that point onwards.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription log into your payment portal from the 'Manage Your Subscription' link on the Seatrobot homepage at, or from your main admin page inside your account.

After cancellation you will still have access to your account until your current paid subscription period ends. If you are on a monthly subscription, your access will end at the end of your current month. For annual accounts, your access will end on the anniversary of your last payment. Seatrobot does not provide refunds of paid subscription periods outstanding after cancellation.

What happens to my account / data when I cancel my subscription?

Seatrobot will maintain your account as you left it in case you wish to re-activate your subscription in the future. Accounts left dormant for 12 months or more may be deleted at Seatrobot's discretion.

You can request that Seatrobot delete your account completely, including all associated data, when you cancel your subscription, or at any time, by contacting us via the support portal here. For full information on our Security Practices click here.