Congratulations on your new Seatrobot Account and welcome on board. We look forward to working with you on many successful events!

Once a new Organization Account has been created for you at Seatrobot, there are a number of steps you can take to prepare your account before creating your first event.

Note: Seatrobot staff can assist with every item in this checklist. If you need help and Seatrobot-assisted on-boarding is not included in your License, contact us here.

Set up your organization details

  1. Create your Primary Contact Login:
  • If you are the Primary Contact for your organization's account you will have received an email from Seatrobot with the subject "Please Set Up Your Seatrobot Account". Click the link in this email to verify your email address and create your login password

2. Access Your Organization Details:

  • Click on the cogs icon () in the purple navbar to access your Admin section. Select the 'Manage Organization' link to open your Organization Details page.

3. Check your Contact Details and your License:

  • Your contact details appear in the 'Primary Contact' box. If these details are incorrect you can edit them by clicking on the 'Edit' button.
  • Your Organization's License Details are accessed by clicking the down arrow in the panel titled 'Seatrobot Account Details'. Check that the details displayed are correct for your Organization's License.

4. Set login security level:

  • You can set Multi-Factor Authentication for all your users by checking the box. This will require all your team members and guest users to enter an emailed access code in addition to their personal passwords when logging into Seatrobot.

5. Add your logo

  • Click the 'Add / Edit Logo' button under your Organization Details panel to upload your logo. This logo will apear by default inside each event you create in Seatrobot, as well as in the header bar of each public registration page for your events. (The logo on these public registration pages can be subsequently changed on an event-by-event basis from inside the event)

6. Customize your basic email template

  • Upload a default email header image. This is a banner header image which will appear by default at the top of all emails sent from events created by your organization. Click the 'Edit' button above the 'Default Email Header' image to upload an image of your choice. Preferred dimensions are 600px x 150px. This email header image can be subsequently changed on an event-by-event basis from inside the event
  • Select 'email center color' and 'email background color'. These colors define the basic background colors of all event emails you send. Click the white square in each color field to show the color-picker and choose a color. Clicking the help will display an outline of the default email and explain how the two colors work together.

7. Once you have completed your Organization Settings, you can add Users to your account. See details here.