If you're creating an online meeting using a platform like GoToMeeting or Zoom (let's say, a webinar for 100 people), you can integrate those online meeting registration details directly into your event set-up in Seatrobot.

Doing this gives your meeting participants easy access to all the meeting details they need right from their personal Seatrobot registration page whenever they need it, or the ability to add it quickly and simply into their calendar client.

Now, your participant's registration page (accessible as soon as they accept a personal Seatrobot invite to your meeting) automatically contains everything they need: meeting details, online access information, downloadable documents, preparation materials, detailed meeting descriptions and information and a calendar function, all in one place.

It also gives you, as the event manager, much greater control over who receives this information, and when and how they receive it.

  • Include the meeting information right from the start for automatic access by any guest who accepts an invite or registers online.
  • Add a link to the information in your participants' confirmation emails
  • Leave the access information out until nearer the event until you can guage the response to the meeting registrations
  • Add links to the information only in emails to certain groups of registered participants
  • Wait until your event is fully subscribed before creating specific confirmation messaging including the meeting info.

Setting up, inviting and managing your online meeting participants using Seatrobot gives you exactly the same level of rigorous management control and flexibility you would expect when creating in-person meetings and conferences.