When you add your online meeting details (access link, meeting ID and optional dial-in number) to your Seatrobot event setup page, they will appear automatically in all your confirmed participants' registration pages.

Seatrobot event guest personal registration page

Additionally, the Seatrobot 'Add To Calendar' button on those registration pages includes the same online meeting information, neatly formatted for easy access / action from your participants' calendar programs.

Seatrobot makes your online event easy to access from a calendar

These registration pages are displayed to your participants as soon as they accept an invite to your online event. For participants who register using a Seatrobot 'Open Registration' page, the details are accessible directly from the confirmation email sent to these registrants.

Seatrobot customizable confirmation email

As event manager you can control who has access to this information and when, by a) choosing when you add the info to your event details page and b) customizing the content of your confirmation emails to include or not include a link to the personal registration page.

Include the meeting information right from the start for automatic access by any guest who accepts an invite or registers online.

  • Add a link to the information in your participant's confirmation emails
  • Leave the access information out until nearer the event until you can gauge the response to the meeting registrations
  • Add links to the information only in emails to certain groups of registered participants
  • Wait until your event is fully subscribed before creating specific confirmation messaging including the meeting info.

Use Seatrobot to set up and manage your online events: invite guests; monitor and manage registrations; collect guest preferences; sort, tag, and prioritize guests; be in total control of communications and messaging right up to the moment the event starts.