To include online meeting details in a new event, first enter the basic event details (event manager, event name, start and end date and time, and location).

Once you save this initial info, your optional input fields appear*.

*(When adding the info to existing events, these optional fields are already visible)

There are three input fields for online meetings:

Specialized input fields for online meeting details
  • Online Meeting Link: here you can input the web link your participants will use to access the online meeting you're running
  • Online Meeting ID: here you can input the meeting ID or access code your participants will need to join the meeting
  • Online Meeting Phone: here you can add an optional dial-in number for your meeting.

Add your relevant online meeting information into these three fields and then click 'Save'.

Now, whenever any of your invitees accepts a Seatrobot invite to your meeting, these details will be front and center in their personal Seatrobot registration pages.

Seatrobot personal registration page

Additionally, the 'Add To Calendar' button on their registration page will automatically add your online meeting information to their calendars, formatted for them to access the meeting direct from their calendar client.

Your online meeting details can also be inserted into your default invites and confirmation emails using the 'Online Meeting Details' macro in the email editor. Position your cursor anywhere in your email you want the details to appear, then scroll down the 'Event Fields' dropdown until you see the 'Online Meeting Details' field. Clicking it inserts the macro into your email. Any / all of the Online Meeting Details fields you entered information into in your event setup will appear, pre-formatted, wherever this macro appears in your email.

A suggested option is to include the Online Meeting Details macro into your default confirmation email. Anyone who accepts your invite to the meeting will automatically receive the login details in their confirmation.
You can also send reminders to your participants, including a link to these pages, at any time. The Online Meeting Details macro is also available in the Custom Email editor in the Event Setup > Communications page

Participants who register via your optional Seatrobot Open Registration page will see the login details if you include them in the default confirmation email and can also access their registration page and Add To Calendar link via the 'Your Registration link in that email.