Contacts in Seatrobot can be grouped by Tags and Lists and then you can use the tags to filter and view and export groups of contacts and use lists to send group emails to them.

Note: You can also filter your contacts regardless to view by event and send status using the Event Filter and Status Filter. You can then further filter these by Tags, or vice versa. Seatrobot filters and tags are additive - meaning they apply to the previous filter being viewed.

TAGS are labels you attach to contacts that describe them in some way. Generally Tags fall into two types; groups and qualities. Examples of Groups might be "Western Division", or "Class of 2016", or "X Corporation".

You can Tag any contact who works for "X Corporation" with a Tag of that name - then you can easily view all Contacts who work for that corporation by simply viewing all Contacts with that Tag.

Examples of Qualities might be "VIP", or "Top Prospect", or "Vegetarian".

You can attach these Tags to contacts who share certain qualities that it might be important for you to track. These Contacts might possess these qualities  regardless of which Groups they fall into. For example, a Contact might  only work for one corporation, but may also be a "Top Prospect" and a "Vegetarian".

It's important to remember that all Contacts can have any number of Tags attached to them, shared and not. There is no limit to the number of different Tags you can create and attach to any of your Contacts.

(Note: At the Contacts level, the Tags you create and apply are Master Tags so they apply to Contacts over and above any specific event. You can also create Event-Level Tags, which apply to Contacts only for that specific event, in the Guest List of that specific event.)

LISTS are groups of Contacts you may want to invite to an event. You can  think of them as mailing lists. Again, you can add any of your Contacts  to any number of Lists. The Lists you create in Contacts are accessible in any of your events when creating Invites.

You can create Lists by selecting contact(s) already in your Contacts and clicking the 'Make New List From Selected' button in the Lists dropdown.

You can add existing contacts to existing Lists by selecting contact(s) already in your Contacts and clicking the 'Add Selected To List(s)' button in the Lists dropdown.

You can create a new List when you upload a file of new contacts into Seatrobot. For details, see Adding Contacts.