SEARCH: find any individual Contact in your list by starting to type their name into the Search Box. As you type, Seatrobot will display matching names in a dropdown. Click on any name in this dropdown to display only that Contact.

ALPHA BAR: by default, Seatrobot displays your Contacts in pages of 500 at a time. The Alpha Bar displays all letters in the alphabet and circles all the starting letters of Last Names that those 500 Contacts include.

For example, to display Contacts with last names beginning with "M", click on the letter "M" in the Alpha Bar. Seatrobot will then display the page of 500 Contacts in which the first Last Name beginning with "M" appears.

Important note:  The first Contact with Last Name starting "M" may not appear at the top  of that page of 500 Contacts and you may have to scroll down to find the  first example.

VIEW ALL: Clicking the View All button returns the Contact List to the default opening view (all Contacts sorted by alpha of Last Name, 500 per page).

VIEW BY LIST: The Lists icon opens the Contact Lists Viewer. Select any List by checking the box to the left of its name and select Open; all Contacts contained in that List will then be displayed.

View Contacts In Shared Lists: Open the Contact Lists Viewer. Select more than one list by checking the box to the left of their names and the Open Shared Contacts button will become active. Select this button and only Contacts who appear in ALL the selected Lists will be displayed.

VIEW BY TAG: Selecting the View By Tag button displays a dropdown with all the Tags you have created, followed in brackets by the total number of Contacts each Tag is applied to. Select any Tag from the dropdown to display only Contacts with that Tag.

Filtering By Lists & Tags: Filtering your Contacts views in Seatrobot is cumulative. In other words, Seatrobot applies a new Filter to the current Filter on display.

For example, if you select Tag A from the View By Tag dropdown, only Contacts tagged Tag A will display. If you then select Tag B from the View By Tag dropdown, only Contacts from the Tag A view who also have Tag B will be displayed.

If you begin a filter by selecting a List to view, you can then Apply Tags to that List view to display only Contacts in that List who also have that Tag.

This feature allows you to get very detailed in the kinds of  filtering you can apply. This can be useful when creating new groups of Contacts you might wish to Tag or Add To A List.

You can always keep track of the filters you have applied by looking at the Filter Bar above the Alpha Bar.  Here, each filter you have applied will be listed. You can remove filters by clicking on the filter immediately to the left of the  filter(s) you wish to remove.

To return to the default starting View (and remove all List and Tag filters) select the View All button at any time.