In the Contacts section you can view your contacts either by the events they have been or are currently invited to, or by their current 'send status' - whether or not they have bounced, unsubscribed or been set 'do not email'.

Events Filter

Clicking the Events Filter dropdown gives you the option of viewing contacts by active events or archived events:

Selecting either option displays the filter modal. Here you can select the events you want to filter your contacts by. Each event has its own row, with a Plus, Minus and Reset button, the event name, the total number of invited contacts in that event, the number of bounces and the event date.

Select the event you want to filter by using the Plus (+) sign, and the events you want to remove from your filter using the Minus (-) sign. Clicking the Power Off button resets the selection for that event.

You can also select whether you want to see all contacts invited to the selected events (default), or only those who confirmed, declined, did not respond (outstanding) and / or bounced, by checking the status boxes at the top. As you make different selections, the total number of guests in your resulting list displays in green top right.

Note: the events filter has a suppression feature. Clicking the plus (+) sign next to any event will add the appropriate contacts from that event to your filter. Clicking the minus (-) sign will remove any contacts from that event from your total filtered list.

As an example, the result of the selections in the image below would return all four guests who confirmed to attend the Q3 Board Meeting 2020, BUT NOT THOSE those who ALSO confirmed for the Weekly Management Meeting.

Clicking the 'Apply Selected Filters' button returns you to the Contacts page with your results displayed.