Seatrobot contains a unique set of features called '3rd Party Guest Management'. The basic concept is that you can assign somebody from another organization (a 3rd Party Guest Coordinator) to create their own login to Seatrobot, from which they can manage a guest list of their own for one or more of your active events.

When you invite someone to have 3rd Party access to one of your events, you create a Seating Package in that event and assign it to them when you invite them. This Package determines how many guests they can add and whether they can assign tags to those guests. The Seating Package may also contain other features / benefits associated with their involvement with your event, such as

  • access to different event activities,
  • marketing / promotional benefits,
  • their own dedicated, branded, public registration page

Examples of when you may want to use 3rd Party Guest Management include:

  • You are creating an event jointly with a partner organization. You want to be the main event manager, but your partner needs to be able to have control over a portion of the guest list, invite their own guests and assign benefits etc.
  • Your event has corporate sponsors. The sponsor levels you create for your event come with certain benefits including a certain number of seats / accesses to your event (e.g. a table for 10, or 25 signups to your online conference). You want to allow a representative from each sponsoring company to have their own private access to the Seatrobot event and add / invite their own guests, assign their own benefits to those guests etc.
  • You are selling booths at an exhibition and each booth comes with certain benefits and allows access to the exhibition by a certain number of exhibitor representatives. After purchasing the booth space you want the exhibitor to assign an individual to manage their booth access and arrangements.

When to use Direct Invites and when to use 3rd Party Invites.

  1. Direct Invites:

In Seatrobot you create Packages that you assign to Invites. If you assign the basic default Package of 'One Seat' (or one pass, one event access, one login etc.) to a Direct Invite, this means that every individual in that Invite receives 'One Seat' (usually assigned to the individual invited). If you create a Package containing 5 seats (or logins, or passes) and assign that to a Direct Invite, each individual in the Invite will receive 5 seats (or logins etc.). Usually one of those seats is for the invited individual, but then they can add up to four more people using their Guest RSVP page. (They can only add or delete additional guests. They cannot send Seatrobot invites to other guests using their Guest RSVP page.)

In a Direct Invite, all seats in a Package are linked to the individual who received the Invite (the Primary Contact). If the Primary Contact declines their Invite, all remaining seats in their Direct Invite are also automatically declined and removed from your event guest count. If they Accept the Invite, any subsequent contacts they assign to their available guest places are linked to them in the event Guest List (and in Seating, Check-In etc.).

Direct Invites are best when you expect that the individual(s) you send the Direct Invite to will likely attend the event themselves, even if their Package allows them to assign other guests who will accompany them.

2. 3rd Party Invites

If you create a Package of, say, 5 seats (or accesses, logins etc.) and assign that to a 3rd Party Invite, instead of selecting a Primary Contact to Invite, you select a Guest Coordinator to assign to the Invite. The assumption is that this individual may not be attending the event themselves, but is in charge of deciding which five individuals will attend the event.

When they receive their Invite email, they are asked to confirm they are the Coordinator for that Invite and they are asked to create a password to log into Seatrobot. When they log in they see links for any events they have been invited to be Coordinator for. Each link takes them to their own Guest Coordinator page for that event. At these Guest Coordinator pages, they can add guests, invite guests, assign tags (you have created), upload their company logos, add additional Guest Coordinators, and (if set up by you) donate any unused seats back to your event.

Any guests they add appear in your event Guest List, grouped by their Invite name. Additionally, you as event manager can access each Guest Coordinator page yourself via the Event Status page.

3rd Party Invites are best when you want to nominate a specific individual to manage a group of seats or accesses to your event on behalf of another organization.